Why Choose The Virtus Group for Radon Testing?

Choosing a professional that is experienced and qualified for radon testing and mitigation is extremely important when addressing radon concerns. Too often, inexperienced and nonqualified individuals are hired to test homes for radon or install radon mitigation systems. If the testing is not performed in a manner to clearly assess the radon levels or the configuration of the basement or slab that can affect radon levels, the customer may end up spending too much for a system or have a system installed that is inadequate and does not reduce the radon levels as expected. The customer then is forced to expend more time and money retrofitting the system to maintain safe radon levels within their home.  It is always a good idea to have the radon testing (initial and post-mitigation) performed independently from the radon mitgation.  That way the potential for any conflicts of interest are minimized.  

Our PADEP licensed radon professionals have provides radon testing to thousands of satisfied customers. Our customers included apartment complex owners, schools and universities (private and public), churches, commercial building owners, property management companies, developers, contractors, and residential dwelling owners. Each year, our professionals attend continuing education classes to stay current with regulatory changes, technological advancements, and standards of practice. We work with our customers to ensure safe radon levels while offering cost effective solutions.